Why ULTRA FIT™ bars?

ULTRA FIT bars feature delicious real candy bar flavors, 24 grams of high-quality protein (including whey isolate) and a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio to help promote muscle maintenance, muscle growth and recovery for an active, fit and healthy lifestyle.

Are ULTRA FIT™ bars for everyone?

Yes, ULTRA FIT bars offer convenient, protein-rich nutrition for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, dieters, meal skippers, snack cravers, weekend warriors and anyone who’s always on-the go. Ultra Fit bars can also be a welcome treat to fill in common nutritional deficiencies, where meals are missed or when poor food choices are typically made.

Best time to eat ULTRA FIT™ bars?

ULTRA FIT bars can be enjoyed anytime you want delicious high protein nourishment. As a part of your fitness program, we suggest consumption 60 minutes before vigorous activity or exercise for workout energy or within 30 minutes after your workout for post-exercise muscle recovery.

What is the shelf life of ULTRA FIT™ bars?

Our ULTRA FIT bars have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Is it safe to consume ULTRA FIT™ bars past their “best by” date?

Each ULTRA FIT bar is stamped with a “best by” date to ensure the best quality product, delicious taste, and full nutritional benefit. We recommend consumption by “best by” date to safeguard this.


WHEY ISO ADVANCED can be consumed multiple times throughout the day to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs, including timing intake around exercise. It's especially important to consume protein within 30 minutes after exercise, so muscles have the adequate fuel to build and repair.



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